In the end only the final image counts, but sometimes the means to achieve it can be interesting.


Main format is 4x5” and 8x10", camera Sinar F 2 and Toyo 8X10"

The current lens set for the Sinar is:

Super Angulon 165 mm , Rodenstock 90 mm , Rodenstock 150 mm , Rodenstock 210mm , Rodenstock 300 mm

Light meters: Gossen Spotmaster and Gossen VarioSix 


Film and development

My favorite films are for 4 x 5 inch : Kodak TMAX 100 developed in Acurol and for 8 x 10 " Ilford HP5 in Mörsch FINOL

All of the film/dev combinations have been tested and are used with the Zone system. I develop the sheet film in trays.



Negatives are currently enlarged with a Durst Laborator or a Fujimoto Enlarger and Vario Color Heads. I  use fiber base papers exclusively.

My main papers right now Adox Variotone, ilford MGW and Adox MCC 110 developed in SPUR Straight Black an Mörsch Warm. All prints are either selenium toned.



You can view and buy original prints .

If interested in prints, or for reproduction rights, please use the contact page on this website.


All my prints are made by traditional enlargement or contact printing methods on glossy fiber base silver papers, processed to archival standards with two fixing baths, and include a final selenium toning.

Please use the contact page on this website for prices and more information.